Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 Dove Season - Overcoming Obstacles

Well folks, I will be heading down to Sikeston, MO for my annual start of hunting season.  As usual no better hunting for doves than Southeast, MO.  However this year it will be tough hunting because due to the rains in the spring, corn will not be shelled until probably 8 or 9 days after opening day on Sept. 1st.  This is a problem but nothing that cannot be overcome be a little pre-planning.

This year hunters will be most likely starting over grass field or layout ground for wheat for morning hunts and watering holes or a roosting line of trees.

Grass field hunting or layout ground hunting is tough but you can still get some shooting in if you have a good decoy spread.  As you know from my previous decoy spread over shelled corn post I love the use of Robo Doves on sticks about 10 feet off the ground.  Last year I added a stationary dove tree to my spread and it made a great addition to the mojo doves.

This year I will be adding a new product Hunters Edge Frenzy Feed.  It is a 3 bird decoy system that simulates doves feeding on the ground and it will be a great addition to my spread.  The reason being this year since I am hunting over layout ground.

I will added a stake to get it off the ground about 3 feet. 

So my layout this year will like like the following:

Good Dove Hunting.....


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