Monday, August 29, 2011

Sept 29th - Not too late if you still want to go Dove hunting: Here is How

Well I got the call from a neighbor who decided they wanted to try dove hunting this year but they had not done any scouting or hunted doves in a few years.  He asked me if it was to late to still try and get out on opening day.  I said no way, here is the plan for you to be hunting within 2 days.

1)  Go buy a MO or KS small game hunting license and migratory bird stamp along with 4 boxes of shells from Wal-Mart.  Also buy a Robo-Dove, well worth it.

2) No need to buy any knew camo, just put on an old pair of khaki shorts and earth tone shirt.  No bright colors.

3) Next go online either to KS or MO and see where and when the public ground nearest you is available.  You will be able to find a lot of public ground to hunt.

4) Finally, go hunting.  Put out your Robo-Dove and I gurantee you will have doves come to you.

Dove hunting is a lot of fun and it is the annual opening to the hunting season no matter where you live.  Good luck and see you in the field.

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