Sunday, March 14, 2010

Turkey Season is almost upon us...

As the first few warm days of March begin to pop up, my thoughts turn to the Spring 2010 MO and KS Turkey season.   Here are some links for more information.

2010 Missouri Turkey Season Booklet

2010 Missouri Turkey Season Outlook

2010 Kansas Turkey Season Booklet

Kansas 2010 Turkey Atlas - Public Hunting Areas

I have been scouting some Linn County KS property via my hunting club Hunting Sports Plus.
The cold and heavy snow we experienced during the past winter may have had an effect, however I have seen some turkeys and just about got them scouted out.   I am hoping to get out on the first few days of the KS season, but I will not be able to hunt in MO this year.

One of the main reasons I like hunting KS for turkey season is because you can hunt from sunrise to sundown, unlike MO where you can only hunt till noon.  Those afternoon gobblers sometimes like to hang out in those open fields before going to roost so its nice to have that afternoon time.

For the last week I have been downstairs getting my gear ready for the season, I realized a trip to Bass Pro and Cabela's was needed to replace some items and pick up a few new things.   This year I am hunting with my new Benelli Super Nova given to me by my wife.  It has the Seclusion  3D camouflage and shoots 3 1/2 inch shells which makes it an ideal turkey gun.  The first I have to do is go and get an extended choke for it, most likely a Carlson Turkey Super Full.  Next is going out patterning my shotgun, which should be done ever year to make sure it is patterning correctly.  Sometimes guns depending on the type of shot and make of the shell, guns will pattern differently.  I like to use the Federal Premium Mag Shok, it is priced nicely and produces a very nice pattern.

The only real change beside my gun, is I have decided to carry some extra calls with me.  I always carry 2 or 3 diaphragm calls, a slate call, a box call, an owl call and a crow call.  This year to help get them Tom's a talking in the afternoon, I am going to be carrying a hawk call and a coyote call.  Sometimes in the late afternoon after trying all my locator calls, I don't get their attention.  I heard that trying a hawk call or even a coyote call in the late afternoon can be just the trick.  Since I hunt in Kansas in the afternoon, these calls just might be the trick.  If you are wondering to yourself that sounds like a lot of calls to hall around, well its not a problem because 2 years ago I went and purchased a great turkey vest, Cabela's Tactical Tat'r II Turkey Vest.  I love it, its comfortable to wear, nice form back and comfortable seat with lots of pockets to carry all your calls and whatever.  It also has a nice large safety vest for carrying your bird out after hunting.

Well I hope you enjoy getting ready for Turkey season and good luck and safe hunting.  Also be sure to check me out on Twitter for updates on hunting season.

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