Friday, February 26, 2010


Greetings and Welcome to Tom's Kansas and Missouri Hunting Journal.  Over the past 25 years I have been hunting and fishing Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas both public and private land and every time I went online to get information on how, when and where to hunt, it seemed that no one had any information except the KWDP or MDC.   In looking at online resources most writers and bloggers were just writing about their experiences but not really giving any information about how and where there were hunting.  The only place I could get any information was out of local hunting and fishing magazines such as Missouri Game and Fish and Great Plains Game and Fish (which is currently offline for some reason.)

However buying magazines in this economy is tough on the wallet and sometimes a waste of time, so I decided to start sharing my own experiences about hunting and fishing in and around the Kansas City area.  My goal is get others who hunt and fish either Western Missouri (from Springfield to Maryville) or Eastern Kansas (Fort Scott to Leavenworth) to add in their own experiences and information  for everyone's benefit.

I am hoping to get fellow hunters to share information such as public land, local hunting clubs information (nothing illegal or that violates club's policies), local hunting and fishing stores, favorite equipment, techniques used in both hunting and fishing, favorite locations, how to and such so that when someone wants to try and find a new spot to hunt or fish they have good quality information so that no one goes out unprepared.

Sure there are plenty of websites that talk about hunting and fishing, but none that focus in on Kansas and Missouri.  So I hope to hear from you soon with Spring Turkey Season around the corner and Spring fishing coming on....

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